Joe Cienkowski’s Todo List

If there’s one thing you can say about Joe Cienkowski it’s that he’s dumber than a box of hammers. If there’s two things you can say about Joe it’s that he’s dumber than a box of hammers and he makes claim after claim after claim that he cannot support and won’t even begin to try to support. So here’s a todo list of things that Joe Cienkowski has stated or has been challenged about and has yet to provide any proof.

  1. Prove that “humans can’t be more than thousands of years old.” (note, I will buy 5000 copies of both of his current books, 5000 copies of every book he ever writes, convert instantly to Christianity, and will become a street preacher for Christ if Joe accomplishes this item)
  2. Prove that the bible wasn’t invented or inspired by the devil to fool us.
  3. Prove that atheists believe that life came from nothing.
  4. Prove that the resurrection of Jesus historical fact.
  5. Prove that “there is no way there isn’t a God
  6. Prove the gospels are eye witness accounts
  7. Prove that “evolution is biologically impossible.
  8. Prove that he doesn’t worship money over Christ by putting his “books” online in their entirety for all to see.
  9. Prove that his faith isn’t weak by engaging in a non-twitter debate

More to come I’m sure. Joe is absolutely convinced he is right and he hasn’t a single ounce of humility. If you spot anything that Joe has asserted and has yet to give any kind of support to, please let me know!


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