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Who is Joe Cienkowski? And why should I care that he’s a liar? Joe Cienkowski is a fairly recent entry to the world of Twitter, Joe is a junior college drop out and, according to his about page on, he is a former felon who served 3 years in prison for selling marijuana (3 years?!?! Seems like there might be more to it than that). It was during his stint in prison that Joe “found God” and it was during rehab (rehab for selling pot?!?!) where he was introduced to the odious Ken Ham and Ham’s ghoulish literalist interpretations of the bible and, in particular, the creation story. In short, Joe is a typical young earth creationist.

Joe is so passionate about his creationism that he has taken it upon himself to “declare war” on atheism (which he equates with evolution). Part of this war was writing two “books” and having them self-published: Jesus Christ is God As a Matter of Fact and Atheism is a Religion Evolution is Their ‘creation.’ Joe has taken to Twitter in an all out marketing bonanza to hawk his “books” (the quotes are there because his books are pieces of paper stapled stapled in the middle and folded in half). Joe takes liberties with bravado regarding his books–”See for 100% sure the world is thousands of years old! How could everyone have overlooked this”–and he is filled with even more ballsy assertions in Twitter.

Joe is 100% certain that he has it right. Joe knows that evolution is a hoax that there is zero possible chance that evolution can be true. Joe knows for a fact that there was a world-wide flood exactly as depicted in the bible. Joe knows all this and more and he isn’t afraid to say it over and over and over (and over … ) again. In the span of about a year (as of this posting), Joe Cienkowski has amassed nearly 13,000 tweets that almost never stray from the topic of anti-evolution nonsense rhetoric, pimping his book, slamming atheists, and worst of all lying.

Joe is a filthy liar. He’s a damned dirty liar and he knows it. Joe says lie after lie and repeats them over and over again in the hopes that eventually someone will accept them as the truth. It’s a disgusting freak show and someone has to do something to counter it. Joe has said more than once on Twitter that his goal isn’t to convert atheists, his goal is to harden the resolve of Christians teetering on the fence. This blog is intended as a counter to Joe’s tactic. With any luck, a search for Joe Cienkowski will bring up this blog on the first page (and hopefully as the first result ultimately).

There’s a bit of a selfish reason for this blog, too. Joe, as I said, repeats himself over and over again. You see the same nonsense day in and day out on his twitter page. It would be fantastic to have a quick, easy resource to go to that thoroughly debunks his lies item by item, point by point. I’m trying to build a resource to give those who are arguing with Joe (including myself) to shoot down his arguments with a quick link.

Ultimately I want this blog to become a one-stop shop for all things exposing Joe Cienkowski for what he is: an uneducated liar for Christ. I want this to be a resource that hounds Joe Cienkowski and either gets him to stop lying and to become more humble or to stop twittering entirely. There is no reason for Joe to have any illusion of being an authority or for him to be such a pompous ass. This blog will prove that and that proof will haunt Joe Cienkowski whenever he opens his pompous mouth.

A few notes on the philosophical tenets of this blog

First, it isn’t a crime to be uneducated. The crime is when you are a pompous jackass who insists that you know better than those who study a subject in great detail for a living. Second, on the contrary to Joe’s many claims, intellectually honest disagreement with ANY idea is not just okay, it’s encouraged by rational thinkers. There are no sacred cows and anything is possible. If evolution by natural selection isn’t true, then it is critically important that someone give good reason why. Similarly, if the Christian God really does exist, then it is critically important that someone provide a good reason to believe in that God. However, simply deciding that God exists and then deciding that it is okay to lie and smear and aggravate people in a disgusting effort to gain credibility points is not okay. Nobody has the right to lie in order to deceive people into believing something.

Upholding truth and exposing lies is a worthwhile goal and a noble undertaking. That is the aim of this blog.

I need your help! Joe’s lies roll off his keyboard much to easily and far too quickly for one blog author to keep up with. If you spot a lie, let me know. Or better yet, if you’ve spotted a lie and have thoroughly rebutted that lie, please let it be posted here. Even better, if you’re sick of Joe Cienkowski’s lies and you want to take an active roll countering them, consider becoming an author on this blog. Shoot me an email at dmccaveATgmailDOTcom and we’ll get you set up.